Sacred Heart Witch

Hello and welcome to The Hermitage the one and only blog of me, Christine, your resident hermit. On this site you can find access to my assorted writings, as well as all the fruitful productions of my various hobbies/projects.

Why A Personal Website?

while you can find me on instagram, and I do post there on occasion, I'm planning to mainstream this website as a center for my creative output.

This mainly comes from two places. First, I love the memories I have of the early internet, and rediscovering the old web through communities of people who feel the same (such as the yesterweb) had me teaching myself HTML & CSS and making little websites such as this one. I think there's something so lovingly beautiful in crafting a corner of the internet for yourself, and the hermitage, in a way is just that (hence the name).

In addition, I have become increasingly concerned and frustrated by the control corporations have over the internet and the way that information flows through it. Instagram is owned by Meta and pretty much everything else is owned by google, and as time goes on I feel less and less comfortable having my time and energy consumed by these companies. Here on a personal website there is no algorithm, there's no gameification. There's simple human curiousity, and that's it. If you get bored- click away! and the fun part is, you might actually get bored for once. congrats!

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