Sacred Heart Witch


Welcome to this corner of the internet!

So what happens here? well, listed below is a bit about what each part of this site is for, but really why am I here? I'm here because I've always had a soft spot for the personal sites of the early aughts, where strangers on the internet could give me glimspes into the myriad subjects which they found fascinating. Although this site isn't exactly that, it was in that spirit that I first delved into the world of web 1.0 and web design.

I'm also here as a means of lowering my Social Media consumption. Over the past few years I've wasted hours of my life locked into endless scrolling, making easy money for big tech companies that couldn't care less about me. And it was draining the life out of me. It wasn't like I had communities there, or friends or things I couldn't find elsewhere. I was just addicted to the soul sucking scrolling.

I knew something had to change.

So I deleted apps off my phone, deleted nearly every account except my personal instagram that I keep around to see family pictures, and now I'm here. And this place can be all the things *I* like, without some nepotism baby in oregon trying to sell me her $30 plastic earrings, or some corporation cataloguing every thought in my head.

this isn't for everyone! but it's my journey, and I hope you like the little home I've made for myself here :)

Guide To The Site


This is the journal section of the site, mainly an informal reflection on life, things going on in my life and the world. Who doesn't need a place for their dumb thoughts to coalesce?


This is the link to the blog, which is where I plan to post essays/poetry/more thoughtful bits of writing. I might also start archiving my old writing overhere.


This section is under construction, but I'd like to host a small politics/philosophy library over here, alsongside some guides to how I use opensource apps to manage my librarys and where I get my epubs for school & for leisure- but again, that's coming down the pipeline.


This is just going to be a place to park my creative endeavours when it comes to web building, if things in other parts of the site get too big/unwieldy, they might eventually get parked here as a


This is my shop, where I'm currently only selling tarot readings, but I'd like to eventually set up a place to sell jewelry & other creations. :)